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Did your last agent provide amazing service? Is your current real estate agent going the extra mile to sell your home? I pride myself in providing real estate services that exceed your expectations.

Here are a few of the services and resources that set me apart from the crowd:

In addition to these services, on a house-by-house basis, I also offer professional staging, cleaning, and landscaping.  Click on any of the links above to read more about how each service above helps to sell your home faster and for more money.

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Expert Web Marketing for your Home

Understanding how the web works is the first step in professionally marketing your home. As a former technical writer, web designer and product manager in new technology, I have a deep background which grounds my real estate marketing strategies.

Did you know that a third of the buying marketing in the Northwest and Puget Sound Market is from outside of the region, state and country? How is your next agent planning to capture this market? If they don’t have a plan, give me a call!

The key ingredients in creating the right online presence for your home include:

  • Photos–The right advertising always starts with professional photography
  • Web–Knowing the right websites and and advertising the right way on those sites
  • Video–Creating the perfect Video to highlight your home’s specific qualities
  • 3D Matterport–Using 3 Dimensional modeling when appropriate
  • Capturing your Leads–A static landing page that markets your home and captures the leads your home generates
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Custom Websites for Every Property

Most Realtors put your property on the MLS. We put your property on THE WEB!

This is more important than many people realize. With more than a third of buyers coming from outside of the area, creating a custom website and marketing strategy attracts more buyers. There’s a lot of websites, and we syndicate your property to the most important sites around the world.

Take a look at an online sample here:


Professional Video

Examples of homes I have sold and the video used to sell them.

Lately, I have used 3 Dimensional modeling more than video. But I always recommend shooting video. Different homes and properties require different levels of video production.  The most important aspect of any video is that it shows your property in ways photographs miss while simultaneously increasing your online page ranking. Regardless of video quality or production, page ranking goes up when you include video in any real estate ad.

From low quality handheld video that shows the basics of a property to higher end drone video edited with a soundtrack, video sells properties.

The following 4 videos have various production quality and were created to target specific buyers. From your starter homes to your remodel to your 5000 square foot masterpiece, different target market require different types of advertising for the best results. The first two videos are higher end production targeting buyers looking for a finished product. The second two videos are targeted at the starter home crowd. Looking for their first condo, or major rehab project. Different homes receive different types of advertising because the buyers looking for those homes are different.

Kirkland Condo

Redmond Single Family

Columbia City Single Family Fixer

Burien 1 Bedroom Condo

3 Dimensional Online Models

With today’s technology, real estate advertising has been transformed. If you haven’t heard of Matterport, or the new 3D modeling of homes, you are in for a treat.

Click below to view one great example of 3 Dimensional Modeling that I used recently to advertise Leatherheads in Stanwood for rent and sale. This property gets a ton of attention but only a view serious buyers, so rather than have 1000 people walking through the place my team created a full 3 Dimensional Model using Matterport technology to show people all around the world what their dream bar looks like… in real life.




Choosing the right photographer and choosing the best photos to showcase your home is the first step in selling your home these days. Over 90% of buyers  choose their homes online, so the right photography is essential.

A skilled Real Estate Broker can make sure you use the right photos for your property. If you have ever shopped for a home online,  you may have already had the experience of walking into homes that were misrepresented by the photos used to market the property.

The very best real estate photos require a great photographer and agent that know the target market for the home being sold.

7th Level Open House Services

It is often your neighbors who sell your home. They have friends or family that they want to move into the neighborhood, or they want to sell their own house and have walked by your house for years with the thought of buying your house when it ever happened to be for sale.  Your neighbors need to know that your house is for sale! Unless of course you don’t want top dollar for your property…

With a 12 person support team, and a local call center, we blow the doors of the competition.

We send a round of postcards to your neighbors to advertise first that the home is for sale and to market upcoming open house dates,  then using our vast data resources we can circle prospect 500 of your neighbors and invite them over to the open house. If appropriate, we have 7 levels of open house services to choose from.

Making sure your home brings top dollar, it’s our business.


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