Random Things I’ve Learned

I’m gonna keep updating this space with random notes on things I’ve learned as a home owner, and breaker of things, that often has to fix things myself. And I’m gonna start with headphones. But other items I plan to cover include:

1. How to fix your stupid dishwasher by, Bosch.
2. Why garbage disposals should be removed from your rental properties.
3. Triple Sinks, maybe?
4. The Toilet Sink Combo
5. Roofing
6. Siding
7. Foundations.
8. The bathroom fan.
9. The Laundry
10. Fixing your oven
11. Craiglist Appliance Shopping
12. Glass Top Ovens

Anyway, that should give me lots to start with. However, for now lets get back to fixing your headphones that won’t shut off.

The answer? It’s the switch!

BOSE Headphones
So your really expensive Q 35 or Q 35ii or whatever Q combination Bose headphones you have, can be repaired, by you at home. However, it is a bit hard.

There’s two things that go wrong. Your earpads wear out. Easy fix. Or then the other is that the headphones stop turning off. Bose seems to give you the run around on software/firmware updates. But what actually worked was this guy’s solution, via the following link below.

I can’t see real well, you might need a magnifying glass to do the job if you are like be and have CSS Syndrome.

My Notes on this guy’s photo Instructions:
1. Getting the metal bit off, pop the end that looks kinda like Mickey Mouse Ears off with maybe a sewing needle. I went in the side, not great.
2. Note the direction of the metal clip and the spring before removing
3. When reposition the spring, start the clip back on from the spring side to hold the spring in place while positioning the clip on the switch.
4. These notes will make sense once you get a bit frustrated trying to do this yourself.

How to fix your Bose Q 35 Headphones, bose quietcomfort 35, I found this description here, with photos:


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