Expert Web Marketing for your Home

Understanding how the web works is the first step in professionally marketing your home. As a former technical writer, web designer and product manager in new technology, I have a deep background which grounds my real estate marketing strategies.

Did you know that a third of the buying marketing in the Northwest and Puget Sound Market is from outside of the region, state and country? How is your next agent planning to capture this market? If they don’t have a plan, give me a call!

The key ingredients in creating the right online presence for your home include:

  • Photos–The right advertising always starts with professional photography
  • Web–Knowing the right websites and and advertising the right way on those sites
  • Video–Creating the perfect Video to highlight your home’s specific qualities
  • 3D Matterport–Using 3 Dimensional modeling when appropriate
  • Capturing your Leads–A static landing page that markets your home and captures the leads your home generates

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