Professional Video

Examples of homes I have sold and the video used to sell them.

Lately, I have used 3 Dimensional modeling more than video. But I always recommend shooting video. Different homes and properties require different levels of video production.  The most important aspect of any video is that it shows your property in ways photographs miss while simultaneously increasing your online page ranking. Regardless of video quality or production, page ranking goes up when you include video in any real estate ad.

From low quality handheld video that shows the basics of a property to higher end drone video edited with a soundtrack, video sells properties.

The following 4 videos have various production quality and were created to target specific buyers. From your starter homes to your remodel to your 5000 square foot masterpiece, different target market require different types of advertising for the best results. The first two videos are higher end production targeting buyers looking for a finished product. The second two videos are targeted at the starter home crowd. Looking for their first condo, or major rehab project. Different homes receive different types of advertising because the buyers looking for those homes are different.

Kirkland Condo

Redmond Single Family

Columbia City Single Family Fixer

Burien 1 Bedroom Condo


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